Oscar Murillo

Arepas y Tamales

24 June - 23 July 2011

Dance, pound, rip.
Devour, communicate, listen
Digest, remember, forget
and recycle.

Smudges are unavoidable, tracks mark the movement
Provisional and deliberate actions stimulate strokes across the crumpled fabric

Objects in present tense.

Open space, consume together

Rhythm mumbles the space off kilter as the creases take on physicality

Collective energy leaves its stain to recreate.

Digestive culture permeates into a spiralling object

To be dismantled and reconstructed.

Food expands, folding the individual into the group

Studio is home, gallery is the studio, Canvas is the floor, table is the canvas

Eat, smear, stretch
Fold, shake, drape
Gather, explore, activate and recycle…

Oscar Murillo (b. 1986) lives and work in London and is currently undertaking an MA in painting at the Royal College of Art. In 2012, Murillo will attend Hunter College, New York, as an exchange programme with the RCA, London. Recent exhibitions include Boomerang, Hilary Crisp, London (2011) Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto-Alegre, Brazil (2011); Royal College of Art Interim Show, London (2011); Gallery West, London (2011); Next/Episodes, Kingsgate Gallery, London (2010); Ratios, Slade School of Art Research Centre, London (2010); Nothing Gold Can Stay (part II), Galerie Meinblau, Berlin (2010).

Text by Hannah Gruy

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